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Services We Offer

We deliver the best vascular care anywhere. It's a bold statement – but we stand by it. We're uncompromising about the quality of our services:

Vascular Consultation 

We provide a comprehensive and compassionate vascular assessment that will allow us to discuss symptoms and diagnosis so that we can develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient. 


We offer diagnostic testing via ultrasound to screen for vascular disease. This allows us to assess blood flow by using sound waves to create images so that we can diagnose vascular disease in a non-invasive manner. Ultrasound testing is conveniently located right in our office on the first floor. 

Vein Therapy

We have the ability to reduce or eliminate varicose veins by using minimally invasive equipment in our office to close venous pathways that are not functioning properly by using a small catheter inside the vein. The state of the art technique replaces venous stripping or ligation by using a much less invasive technique to get you back to your normal activity quicker.

Endovascular Procedures

We offer minimally invasive endovascular surgery to evaluate and repair narrowing, blockages or aneurysms in the vascular system. We are able to access the vascular system via catheters to repair veins and arteries with state of the art technology, right in our own office. This technique allows for faster healing time than traditional vascular surgery and may be an option for your vascular disease. 

Vascular Surgery

Sometimes traditional vascular surgery is necessary.  Don't worry, we'll create a surgical plan together and guide you through the process.  We also have multiple options for scheduling your operation at a location convenient to you.

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