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How PAD Awareness Can Help Patients Who Have Been Suffering For Years

Earlier this month we had an 87 y/o female who was unable to walk to her mailbox and back, or walk her dog without pain. This sweet patient came to Vive looking for some answers to the lower extremity numbness/tightness she had been experiencing for years. Given her risk factors, including her long smoking history, her PCP suspected PAD and referred her to Vive. Diagnostic testing revealed severe multi-level PAD bilaterally.

Within less than a week of completing testing, we fixed her right external iliac artery and left SFA in the office without ever having to step foot in a hospital. After each intervention, she was able to walk out of our office in 3 hours with relief from the pain she had been dealing with for years. To top if off- she said she is now able to walk out in the field and enjoy time again with her dog whose life she rescued!

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