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Our Team Gets the Ball Rolling for Peripheral Arterial Disease Treatment

Employee Spotlight

Please meet our PA Evelyn Weaver and Lead Sonographer Kenny Hurst here at Vive Vascular!

Evelyn attended the Physician Assistant program at Ohio Dominican University before she started her career at Vive Vascular. She is a genuine, reliable and compassionate provider committed to the vascular specialty.

Kenny is a seasoned sonographer with over 22 years of experience; he brings a wealth of vascular knowledge to our team. In addition to Kenny being a master of his craft, his charisma is always sure to make him a patient favorite!

Evelyn and Kenny work in conjunction at our vascular clinic to evaluate and scan our patients for peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Being committed to seeing patients in a timely manner, the flexibility of our schedule allows our PA to see a critical referral that same day! Evelyn is able to assess the patients’ needs and educates them on classic claudication symptoms associated with PAD. When needed, she can order arterial testing with Kenny so the patient can have their clinic appointment and test results in one visit! We can then start planning the individualized approach to treatment with Dr. Mannava.

Our hand-picked and specialized staff play an integral role in the success of treating our patients. We are grateful to have Evelyn and Kenny as part of our Vive team!

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