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Back to par!!!

This avid golfer who works as a starter at a local course was referred urgently by his podiatrist with an acutely painful and purple right 5th toe. Upon further questioning, he had been experiencing calf pain from poor circulation for years! Testing revealed severe peripheral arterial disease of both legs. Without prompt restoration of blood flow, he was at risk of losing his leg. During an 80 minute office procedure at Vive, under local anesthesia, we were able to fix his totally blocked right superficial femoral artery. He returned for his two week follow up visit with complete resolution of his symptoms and a dramatically healed toe! He went straight from his last office visit to the course and is confident he will be shooting his lowest scores in years!

September is Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Awareness Month! PAD is a chronic circulatory condition, which if left untreated can result in unnecessary limb amputations. PAD affects nearly 20 million Americans, and an estimated 200,000 of them – disproportionately from minority communities – suffer avoidable amputations every year.

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